Monday, December 3, 2012

The Big Bang Theory & Galaxy Note 10.1

"From a Geek comedy show idea to an actual application. AMAZING!"
- Thor Lising

Watching The Big Bang Theory season 4 episode 12, there is a scene where Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) is talking about his idea of building a smartphone app that will easily computes mathematical equations. Here's the scene from The Big Bang Theory aired January 6, 2011:

The idea is to create an app that will use handwriting recognition and run to a symbolic evaluation engine to determine mathematical symbols. Great idea!

More than a year passed, an actual application was build with this "same" idea. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 introduces formula match with the use of handwriting and S-Pen technology. Below is a sample video of how the formula matching works:

Amazing isn't it?!

P.S. - This is not a paid advertisement. Just amazed of the fact that there is an actual app "coming" from a geek comedy show idea. :)
Thursday, November 29, 2012

ComicBook App

I was testing this cool App from Android Market, also available in Apple. The ComicBook! app that enables you to create comic page by using your own photos.

Check out the sample image or page I created. You can also add text, speech bubble, sketch using S-Pen or your bare finger.

In the picture: my niece, my mother, my cat and my father's big TUMMY. :)
Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funny Cybercrime Law

PS: I dont find this libelous. Just laugh.